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How to Ensure a Great In-Flight Experience for Senior Citizens

How to Ensure a Great In-Flight Experience for Senior Citizens

The golden years are for exploration and relaxation. There is no better way to spend the retired years than travelling to exotic locations or visiting loved ones. In fact, studies have found that travelling keeps seniors citizens physically active. This lowers the chances of blood pressure and heart disease. However, the elderly must be careful with their health concerns.

As much as they might love travelling, possible risks cannot be completely ruled out. Particularly amid a pandemic, one needs to be extra cautious. So, after flight booking, read these effective tips to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Putting them into action can help avoid disturbed meal timings and physical exertion to a great extent.

Assess Your Health Issues

Book an appointment with the doctor a few days prior to your travel date. Make sure it is not unsafe for you to fly. You can consider getting a medical certificate that will describe your medical history and current condition. This can prove to be useful in case of an emergency when travelling. Also, ask the doctor for medications that you may require while on the move. Lastly, people with respiratory conditions or acute anemia, postsurgical and neurological patients as well as those with orthopedic casts must seek medical advice before booking domestic flights and making all your travel arrangements.

Follow Medical Clearance Guidelines

Choose an airline that will allow oxygen cylinders, spinal support equipment, stretchers, needles, syringes, and specialized medical devices on-board. Apply for a MEDA clearance at least 48 hours prior to the travel date. Also, carry a physician’s statement that you are fit to bear the typical aviation effects. This will ensure a safe and hassle-free flight.

Comfortable Seating

The flight you choose must have thoughtfully designed cabins. For example, more leg space and recliner seats keep seniors from feeling cramped. You can also look for airlines that offer soothing music. Further, extendable leg rest, adjustable headrest with wings and seat function controls can ensure a more comfortable flying experience.

Safe Dining Services

Untimely meals can lead to weakness and digestive disorders. So, before you book domestic flights, make sure the airline has in-flight dining facility. Multiple gourmet choices and a range of fresh beverages balancing health and indulgence would be a great choice. In fact, getting salads and aerated drinks served can keep senior citizens revitalized for a long time. So, do look for a flight that will cater to different tastebuds and attend to all kinds of needs.

Carry Travel Aids

After you book domestic flights, make sure your loved ones carry all the in-flight necessities. Pack comfortable neck pillows, noise cancelling earphones and eye masks to create a restful environment. A light shawl, warm socks or caps could come handy to avoid feeling cold. Although the best flights regulate the cabin temperature, added protection is a must. Also, they should be carrying nose or mouth guards to avoid any infection. Masks, sanitizers and wet wipes are crucial to avoid virus transmission.

Lastly, check airlines that offer discounts on domestic flight booking in India. This could include free check-in baggage allowance. Rest assured, the journey will be enjoyable, and seniors will arrive all fresh and relaxed.

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